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Give someone the gift of life-sustaining medications today

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You will be helping patients like Samuel

We first met Samuel in September after he had been discharged from the hospital for severe complications of diabetes. In addition, he has had 2 heart stents implanted and suffers from gout, hypertension and ulcers. While he was in the hospital he received a layoff notice from his job as a concrete load operator. Samuel says that if someone is taking insulin, the CDL license must be surrendered. After he recovered, his employer placed him in a job in the warehouse of the company, but after several fainting spells, Samuels's employer had to terminate him. he was forced to move in with his fiancée to save on expenses.

Since September, between generic medication from Ozanam Pharmacy and the Patient Assistance Program, we have been able to help Samuel with over $8,000 worth of medications. He continues to struggle with his illnesses, has been hospitalized again, an has had to apply for disability.

Samuel told us that when he was first hospitalized he didn't know where he would get his medicine after his insurance was terminated. he says, "I really appreciate what you all have done for me. Ozanam has been a blessing to me."