Give a gift of love, generosity and goodness this holiday season! image

Give a gift of love, generosity and goodness this holiday season!

Continue to be a Blessing to those around you this Holiday

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This Holiday Season give from the spirit of love, generosity and goodness...

Imagine having to choose between feeding your family or the ability to fill your life-sustaining medication. This holiday season, by simply opening and reading this email message, know that you are abundantly blessed! Like many of your family members and friends, you're enjoying the holiday traditions of gift shopping and preparing family meals. Fortunately, this beautiful season is filled with goodness for 1,316 uninsured patients who rely upon Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy's medication safety net because of generous donations from YOU!

Many of our homeless neighbors and working poor must focus merely on survival. That's precisely why "The Oz Squad" must remain steadfast in our efforts to make access to medication a priority during these challenging times. Won't you please consider investing in Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy's ongoing mission to keep our community healthier? Become a vital part of Ozanam's network of concerned citizens and community partners with your holiday gift that will surely bring peace of mind to someone who is struggling.

Please use the button below today to donate! Donations of any size are much appreciated, as they will collectively make a massive difference in the lives of the patients we serve. By the way, if you've recently donated during the past month, we thank you very much for sharing your blessings in support of our mission. We, and our dear patients, appreciate your help and wish you all a safe and blessed Holiday Season!